Submission Process

On average, the time from submission to publication in Economy of Regions is around 6 months, including moderation, reviewing, revising and final decision.

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts should be submitted via online submission system (link to the Registration). The corresponding author should upload the manuscript file and supplemental materials, including information about the authors in a separate file, a scanned copy of the author’s undertaking not to submit or publish this manuscript elsewhere (link to the template), and any figures or tables, which must also be provided in separate files.


All submissions are subject to initial moderation in order to check the article’s originality, as well as its compliance with the aims, scope and presentation requirements of Economy of Regions.

In order to prevent plagiarism, Economy of Regions uses plagiarism detection software such as iThenticate, Antiplagiat and Rucontext. The moderation stage, which takes a week or less, may result in authors receiving proposals for manuscript revision. The authors are expected to confirm to the Editorial Team if the proposed revisions will be possible by a proposed date. In case of substantial shortcomings (e.g. if the manuscript contains plagiarism, is outwith the scope of the journal or inappropriately presented), the manuscript can be desk-rejected prior to peer-review. Following any revisions at this stage, manuscripts are then sent for review.

Peer-Review Process

Economy of Regions uses double-blind peer review. This means that the identity of the reviewer is unknown to the author and vice versa. Following moderation, each manuscript is sent for peer-review to at least two anonymous experts. On average, the review process takes 60 days. For details, see the Peer-Review Policy section.

Manuscript Acceptance

Manuscripts that are accepted by the Editorial Board following peer review are scheduled for publication in the next available Issue.

Preparation for Publication

While preparing the manuscript for the publication, the Editorial Team may request updated author information, better quality figures or other details, which are necessary for the manuscript proof-reading and processing. Prior to publication, authors are asked to check and approve the layout of their manuscript within two days.


In order to facilitate the global exchange of knowledge and ideas, Economy of Regions provides immediate open access to its full content.