Analysis of the Climate — Economy Relationship in Russian Cities




city, economy, climate, communication coordination coefficient, gross domestic product, shopping volume, average annual air temperature, Gini coefficient, climatic zone of Russia, urbanisation, ecology


Global climate change is an important factor determining the dynamics and significant parameters of the development of the world economy in general and Russian economy in particular. Thus, specific methodological approaches and models should be developed to assess the climate — economy relationship in order to make science-based management decisions. The research aims to create and test a methodology for analysing the relationship between climate and urban economic development in Russian cities. Data of the Federal State Statistics Service was examined; the average annual temperature was calculated according to the information presented on the Weather and Climate portal. The study considers Russian cities with a population of over 100 thousand people in the period from 2009 to 2019. A communication coordination coefficient (CCC), determining the existence and extent of the relationship between climate and economy in Russian cities, can be obtained using the calculations presented in the author’s methodology. Moscow and Saint Petersburg are characterised by stably high values of CCC. The coefficient values range from uncoordinated to base level. The best communication coordination is observed in economically developed cities. Generally, the climate — economy relationship in Russian cities is characterised by a high differentiation and spatial heterogeneity of the communication coordination coefficient, since the Gini coefficient for this indicator varies from 0.56 (Ural Federal District in 2019) to 0.88 (Central Federal District in 2017, 2019). The lack of significant changes in the dynamics of communication coordination in the period 2009-2019 indicates the stability of Russian urban systems. The obtained quantitative estimates may become a prerequisite for the creation of an environmental and economic development management section in urban strategies and part of the environmental policy of Russian regions.

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Inna V. Manaeva, Belgorod State National Research University

Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Professor, Department of World Economy; Scopus Author ID: 57191902461; (85, Pobedy St., Belgorod, 308015, Russian Federation; e-mail:



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