Institutional Infrastructure of Arctic Spatial-Economic Units




An important problem of the impact of institutional infrastructure on the decomposition and spatial development transformation of regions of various hierarchical ranks, including the Arctic zone that is divided between the Arctic countries according to the national principle, is insufficiently studied. The majority of scientific works devoted to this issue mostly focus on the traditional economic assessment of the sectoral effect of activities and the concept of spatial economics. Thus, methodological approaches to the study of infrastructure and institutional structure should not rely on the traditional principles of mainstream economics. Instead, they should be based on the system-evolutionary model of modern natural science and should be closely related to such an indicator of system development as self-organisation. Internal (endogenous) and external (exogenous) elements of infrastructure cause stability (order) and chaos (disorder) in the development of systems, as well as lead to the interrelated and balanced formation of hierarchical and heterarchical organisational models of regional spatial units.  In terms of scientific practice, it is proved that the intensification of institutional infrastructure in the Pacific Arctic depends on the creation of the Russian-American Bering/Pacific-Arctic Council (BPAC). Various expert communities discussed these proposals at several international conferences. At present, however, their practical implementation became impossible due to complicated geopolitical situation. Despite this, it is necessary to continue research aimed at the improvement of institutional structures and coordination of interactions between the Arctic regions, especially in cross-border areas of neighbouring countries. The obtained findings will definitely be useful for the Arctic community, when a reasonable approach to this problem will again prevail over geopolitical disputes.

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Boris H. Krasnopolski , Far Eastern Branch of RAS

Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Professor, Chief Research Associate, Economic Research Institute; (153, Tikhookeanskaya St., Khabarovsk, 680024, Russian Federation; e-mail:



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Krasnopolski Б. Х. (2022). Institutional Infrastructure of Arctic Spatial-Economic Units. Economy of Regions, 18(2), 353–368.



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