Economy of Regions is one of three best economic journals in Russia


In August 2021, Russian Index of Scientific Citation (RISC) published bibliometric indicators of scientific journals for 2020. According to the Science Index rating, Economy of Regions, published by the Institute of Economics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, traditionally entered the top three among 459 economic journals after “Voprosy Ekonomiki” and “Foresight and STI Governance” and in the top ten of 4243 Russian scientific journals indexed in the RISC.

Despite the growing criticism of scientometric indicators, their integrated use remains the most objective method for assessing scientific and publication activities. Thus, the equally high indicators of Economy of Regions both in the Russian Science Citation Index and in the international scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science demonstrate the high quality of the publication's content and interest in it from scientists among the world.